Planning for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia is vastly different from all the planning I did in advance of my Euro Trip last year.

This time last year I was out in the malls shopping endlessly for the perfect pair of shorts, the perfect shoes and the perfect everything else to wear.

This year – not so much…

Don’t get me wrong, I spent alot of time on Google searching what I should be wearing as my rainy and grey days here in Vancouver will give way to hot and humid days in a couple of weeks.

And there’s alot of info out there… almost too much.   One underlying thing is universal – there is no one correct answer.

Cotton is bad… no wait, cotton is alright.   Polyester – ick!   Unless it’s a blend, then it’s okay.   Some people swear by synthetic fabrics while others curse it.   There’s linen and rayon and Lyocell and everything else in between.

Bottom line – the more I searched, the more frustrated I got because I still didn’t know what to buy…

And then, in an instant, all my stress was gone…

I came upon a website with these magical words:

“Don’t worry about it – don’t even buy the clothes at home, just buy them when you get there.  After all, that’s where most of the clothes are made anyway and you get them at a fraction of the cost.”

It was as if a light bulb went off in my head.   I mean, it makes so much sense.   Here I was contemplating spending hundreds of dollars on specialty travel gear when there were $2 t-shirts waiting for me overseas.

So, for clothes for my trip I’m packing some exOfficio underwear cause they are the bomb and just enough clothes to get me through the first couple of days.

I’ll shop for some more when I get to the Philippines and then pick up clothes as I need them along the way.

2 weeks to go!!!

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