There is a list of things to do here in Tokyo that Ben listed off to me the other day and the plan was to tackle the list today and tomorrow before leaving for home the next day.

Rain kinda killed the plan today.

Our 9:30 start got pushed a couple of times and by 11:30 we finally headed out.

It wasn’t raining too hard – just a light drizzle at that point.

We went by an Italian restaurant that Ben likes for lunch.

He had salad.   I, of course, had pizza – cause c’mon, it’s pizza!

When we headed back out an hour later it was now pouring rain.


Our desire to go out and explore the city quickly evaporated.

We did take the subway a couple stops over to visit the Air China office here in the city.   I had booked my ticket home a month ago but hadn’t received a second email from them with my e-ticket.

What I briefly read on the internet was that you needed a paper ticket to show them at the ticket counter so we went there to get one.

She printed one up for me but as it turns out she confirmed that you don’t actually need one.

By now my shoes were wet, my pants were wet, my socks were wet.

Well, you get the idea.

I wanted to go back to the hotel and out of the rain.

Ben went back to the restaurant to have a drink or two and I went into my room for the afternoon.

Wow, isn’t this such¬†an exciting blog!!!

What happened next?   Do tell!!!

Um, a whole lotta nothing.   Sorry.

At 7pm I left my nice comfortable bed and went back out into the ugly weather to meet Ben for some dinner.


I hung out for a drink afterwards before Ben was off to meet with some friends in town.

I, on the other hand, had no real desire to drink so I just went back to the hotel.

I did have a mission though!

I spent most of the evening figuring out how to cram as much as possible into the day tomorrow.

I think I have it all figured out.   I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain again tomorrow, but, dammit – it’s my last day of the trip so, come hell or high water, I am doing that list!

That’s it – tomorrow’s it.   No more after that.   I fly home the next morning!

So, while today’s blog was kinda boring, tomorrow’s blog will be crammed full of stuff guaranteed.

Stay tuned…

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