So, if you thought I did nothing yesterday… well, I topped it today.

As I mentioned earlier, there really isn’t anything in Angeles City except bars and hotels.   So basically people sleep during the day and then bar hop at night.

Well, who am I to buck that trend?

I slept til around noon and walked down to Jollibee for lunch (of course).   It was stifling hot.   Easily the hottest it’s been since I arrived in the Philippines last week.

Afterwards I hung out in the pool where, of course, the sun went away and it actually started getting a little cold.

In the afternoon Methzie came over to start our little vacation together.   Gotta like a vacation in a vacation.   Nice life, I know…

We were both pretty tired as she had worked the night before and I was still trying to catch up from that exhausting weekend hiking rice terraces and spelunking caves.

We took an afternoon nap and didn’t wake up til 9pm.   Not to worry though, because like I said, there really isn’t anything to do in Angeles til night time anyway.

We went for dinner at Chow King where I had the grilled pork and chicken with rice.   I’ve pretty much given up trying to find “authentic” Filipino food as you can tell by all my visits to Filipino fast food chains.

Not that that’s a bad thing – their fast food is damn good!

Later we stopped by a couple of bars and by midnight we were ready to turn in for the night.

Like I said, pretty easy day today…

Tomorrow is a big travel day as we’re leaving in the morning for Manila and then flying to Palawan Island in the early evening.

So, yeah, I’m going to be an island for the next 5 days – more relaxation ahead…

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