After the long tiring day I had yesterday I had a pretty relaxed one today.   Of course that didn’t mean I could sleep in as I had a flight to catch at 9:15am which meant I was getting up at 6am.

I still felt a bit under the weather but I feel like I’m on the upturn and should be 100% in a couple of days.   No cab debacle today as all I had to say was “airport” and any cabbie in the world would know what I meant.

Once again a two hour checkin before my flight meant an hour and a half of waiting time once I was checked in and through security.

There wasn’t much to choose from for breakfast at the airport.   There was, however, a Dunkin Donuts.   Um, yes please!

I had a bacon/coleslaw sandwich (awesome combination by the way!) and 6 munchkins (let me translate that to Canadian… timbits) for breakfast and all was good with the world.

Today’s flight was on time and short – only 45 minutes.   The flight wasn’t full and for the first time ever I had the entire row of 3 seats to myself!   This day was starting off awesome!

There are two airports to land in when visiting Boracay.   There’s Caticlan airport which is just a short boat ride to the island and the airport I landed at – Kalibo.

Kalibo is 2 hours away from the Caticlan but because of that the flights are dramatically cheaper.

As I waited for my bag to come out onto the luggage carousel I perused the different booths setup in the small arrival terminal offering different transport combinations to get me to Caticlan and beyond.

I chose the bus/boat/van option which would take me door to door.   I paid my 300 pesos ($7) and they gave me a sticker to wear with their tour company logo on it.

For the next couple of hours we were literally herded around like cattle as we were first ushered onto a bus and then into the boat terminal.

At the boat terminal we had to pay a couple of money grabs – a terminal fee (100 pesos) and an environmental fee (75 pesos).

I was expecting to catch a ferry over and was actually surprised to see a bunch of motorized catamarans waiting outside.   Once they were full with a dozen passengers or so they would leave.

The boat ride was only 10 minutes and we had arrived!   I was on Boracay island!!!

Once again we were herded to a waiting area and then about 10 minutes after that herded onto different shuttle vans depending on where our hostel/hotel was.

Soon after, around 1:30pm, I had arrived at my home for next 4 days   – MNL Boracay Beach hostel.   After spending so many days in hotels or guest houses where I had my own room I was ready to be in a dorm again.

The room I have has 8 beds, fans and an air conditioner which is good cause it be damn hot out there!

First thing I did after unloading my stuff is grab a much needed shower.   I hadn’t taken one in a couple of days cause the shower in the hostel I stayed at the last couple of nights in Cebu was obviously built only for contortionists (picture a small 3×4 bathroom containing a sink, toilet and shower head).

Next on my list – drop off my laundry!   I was quickly running out of clothes.   The hostel has no laundry service but there was one just down on the main road so I dropped my clothes off and they’ll be ready tomorrow afternoon.

God, isn’t this blog such an interesting read?!?   Wow, Todd did laundry… awesome!

Not much to the afternoon.   The island isn’t that wide and you can actually walk from one coast to the other in about 15 minutes.   The hostel is located right in the middle of the two beaches .   I walked to each one and kind of took a look around, had some food, saw the sunset and came back to the hostel.

I met a girl, Jisu, in the afternoon originally from Korea but transplanted to Australia, Moscow and Hong Kong through her life.

She has made plans with a couple of people at the hostel to go parasailing during the day and then on a sunset boat cruise at night tomorrow.   I was up in the air with what to do here so this sounded perfect.

So tomorrow, that’s the plan.   Can’t wait!

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