So, where was I?   Oh yes, I had just finished writing about the first day of my trip – well, the first part anyway…

Well, it’s 8am on a Monday morning – I’m at my new home for the next few days but, alas, checkin isn’t until 2pm.

I dropped my bag off at the front desk and changed into my shorts.   It was warm outside, not blazing hot and not disgustingly humid so I’m basically saying it was nice out.   After dealing with grey skies and cold, rainy weather the last while in Vancouver, this sure was a nice change.

I headed over to Phillies bar on the main strip of Fields avenue as they were showing the second NFL game of the day – the Seahawks and 49ers.

I arrived just before halftime, sat down and ordered me some breakfast.   The bar was filled with expats who were there for the same reason.   It truly was amazing to think I was on the other side of the planet watching football at a bar at 8 in the morning.

Now, I know what you’re saying…   What the hell are you doing?   You traveled across the world so you could just sit in a bar and watch a game?   You could do that home!

True, definitely true.


The thing with Angeles City is – it’s just bars.   There are no tourist sites, nothing to see or do.   People come here to barhop and to relax.

I knew coming off a long flight I didn’t want to go full on straight into my trip.   I wanted a buffer before I started out – some time to adjust back into “travel mode” and shake off any jet lag that may be lingering.

The plus side for you, my dear reader, is that I won’t have much to write about the next few days so you won’t have to sit through another essay like then one I wrote for Part 1A.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, the game.   Well, it was exciting and my team prevailed.   Go Seahawks!   I’m already trying to figure out a way to watch the Super Bowl wherever I am in a couple of weeks from now.

After the game I navigated my way through all the touts (annoying people trying to sell you things on the street) and the little kids trying to reach in my pockets and stopped by one of several mobile phone shops to purchase a sim card and load some minutes onto it.   A short time later – presto – I had a Philippines phone number!   Ain’t technology grand?

Sign at the front of my hotel where a security guard sits 24/7

By now it was about 11am and I headed back to my hotel.   I figured I would just hang out in their nice air conditioned lobby and catch up on computer stuff while I waited for my room to be ready.

At 1pm the bellboy came by to lead me to my room.   I booked a 1 bedroom villa (1500 peso, $35) which was only 150 peso ($4) more than a regular room at the hotel.   My “room” is actually a two story apartment complete with living room, dining area and kitchen.

Here’s a video of the villa:

After setting up all my stuff I crashed in bed.   The plan was to sleep for a few hours and then go out and explore the magical nightlife of Angeles City around 8pm.

But then I got hungry so decided I would just swing by this Mongolie Grill place down the street for a stirfry and then head back for my nap.

I sat at an outdoor patio table chowing down on my meal when I heard the man sitting at the table behind ask me how I was doing.

After realizing he was actually talking to me and not on a phone call, I turned around.and I met Wayne.

He used to live in Chicago (I forgave him for that) and now has retired to the Philippines about 2 hours away from Angeles City.   We sat and chatted about life here in Angles City for awhile and, long story short, we ended up going bar hopping at 4 in the afternoon.

So much for my nap.

It was so great that I actually ran into him cause he basically gave me a grand tour of the area – something extremely helpful for a newbie like me.

We visited a handful of bars partaking in a few “happy hour” rum and cokes (50 peso, $1.25 each) and before I knew it – it was 8pm.

A girl was coming by to meet him so I said my goodbyes and headed back to the hotel to freshen up.

A quick shower and I was back out there again – this time on my own but not for long…

And…. that’s where I end today’s blog… sorry, I can’t share everything

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