Well, here I was in Angeles – my second last day in the Philippines.   Luckily I had a beautiful girl by my side to begin the day which, of course, always helps.

I met Frincess last night and this morning we went for breakfast at a restaurant down the road called Swiss Chalet.

For my Canadian friends I should say this was not the Swiss Chalet we all know and love but a German owned and themed restaurant offering everything from Filipino breakfasts to Schnitzel and Bratwurst.

We went there only because it’s a restaurant that Frincess would like to work out and she was, I guess, trying to create a rapport with the people working there.   Smart girl.   I would do exactly the same thing.

The food was alright although a bit overpriced.   I opted for a ham, mushroom, cheese and onion omelet with an iced coffee while she had a huge ham sandwich.

Watching her eat was actually my entertainment for the morning as she would carefully cut pieces off the bread and then roll pieces of the ham on top of it rather than just chowing down on the sandwich like everybody else would.   Cute.

By 10am I left her to head back to the hotel for a nap.

I met up with Wayne for a bit just after noon and made plans to go bar hopping again at 8pm.

And then my day got very interesting.

Since Methzie (the girl with me in Palawan last week) went back home and I continued my trip last week I’ve been getting a lot of text messages from her.

All the usual stuff:   I miss you, Please come visit, I love you.   I was actually very much on the fence as to whether to let her know I was back in her city literally blocks away from her.

Sure, the shear volume of texts and the whole I love you thing is kinda scary but, I’ve been trying to distance myself from her as I most likely won’t see her again once I’m done with the Philippines and I didn’t want to give her false hope.

So, like I said, I was on the fence and obviously I decided to hop off the fence and text her back letting her know I was, in fact, back in Angeles.   She excitedly text me back that she’d play hooky from work tonight and be right over.

And at 4pm we were a couple again if just only for one day.

We popped over to the big mall here in town to get some food.   The place has dozens of restaurants to choose from and we finally stopped in a place called Gilligans lured in by their 99 peso choice of meals.

I had pork skewers with rice and Methzie, of course, had fried chicken with rice because, well, that’s all she eats.   That and french fries.   And the odd chicken curry.

Since we were in the mall I thought it would be cute and memorable if we bought each other a cheap present to remember our last day (and most likely last time) together.

We split up for 20 minutes and shopped for each other.   I got her a cute little teddy bear which she aptly named Baby Todd.

And she…

She got me a tshirt with some gangsta motto from a video game on it?!?

Um, well, I guess that’s a memorable gift… not quite what I was expecting…

Last thing at the mall – my long search for Halo Halo came to an end!

Halo Halo means Mix Mix and it’s a mix of shaved ice, ice cream, different fruits and jellies and some other stuff.   I’m actually still not sure what I ate…

We sat down and mixed our concoction into a nice purple mix (the ice cream was purple) and chowed it down.

Check that one off the list.

At 8pm we met up with Wayne and did some serious bar hopping tonight as this was my last night in the Philippines.

Six bars and six rum and cokes later it was time for this boy to call it a night.   Of course I stopped for the obligatory drunken schwarma (shaved beef and veggies in a pita) first.

Wayne and I said our goodbyes and Methzie and I headed back to the hotel.

So ends my last full day in the Philippines…

Tomorrow I checkout of my hotel at noon and then have a good 5 hours to kill before heading to Manila to catch my 10:30pm flight for Hanoi in Vietnam.

To say I’m excited for tomorrow is a huge understatement.   I can’t wait to start this next leg of my trip!

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