Keeping in line with tradition, just like last year, I injured myself in the first week of my travels again.  No, I wasn’t running in caves again but rather, I was attacked by a rotating fan!   I made the stupid mistake of trying to move the fan by pushing it from the top rather than the base.   And I did it while it was running…

End result was a nice gash on one of my fingers.  Given all the profuse bleeding I thought maybe I’d need stitches which begs the question – where the hell do you get stitches in Angeles, Philippines at 4 in the morning?

Luckily after wrapping it up and keeping pressure on it for awhile the bleeding stopped so all I needed was a bandaid.

After having breakfast at Phillies yet again I headed to the mall one more time.   This time I was determined to get shirts as I pretty much had no choice as I had run out of shirts to wear and needed to do laundry.

Anyway, I found these really thin, shear cotton/spandex blend shirts that I think will work perfectly for this trip.   They were about $5 each so I was pretty happy with the price.

Other than that I took it really easy during the day.   I caught up on my blogging and planned out what I would do next week.

Around midnight I headed out starting with a late dinner at Phillies where I had pork ribs with fries and baked beans.   I initially was a little worried when she asked how I wanted my ribs cooked.   I went with well done because, well, their ribs not a steak!   The ribs ended up being great so I was pretty happy

And then it was bar hopping time.

A few bars later and a few rum and cokes later I ended up at the same bar I ended at last night – Insomnia.

And now, apparently I have a Filipino girlfriend.   Strange things happen after midnight…

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