Last night’s sleep didn’t go quite that well as one of the 6 of us was a snorer.   Not just a snorer but I loud snorer!

He was also a very sound sleeper so no matter how we tried we just couldn’t get him to stop.

And I tried…

First I flashed my flashlight in his eyes then I bumped his mattress.   When none of that worked I went with more vigorous methods.   I pushed his mattress quite a bit – still nothing.   I finally actually yanked his pillow out from under his head and amazingly he still didn’t wake up!

Seriously – how do you not wake up from that?!?

Sadly I gave up and just popped my headphones on and listened to some music.   I still can’t sleep what with the music but at least I can enjoy the sound better.

I, of course, slept in yet again and missed the 10am close to the breakfast buffet.

Oh well, I headed out for some Cao Lau instead.   I had seen signs for this dish everywhere and while other dishes on the sign would be translated to English, this one was just translated back to Cao Lau.

So, best way to find out what it is – order it!

Turns out it’s beef with noodles and vegetables with some wonton crisps on top.   Oh, and it’s yummy!

I stopped by the little post office down the street to mail off the artwork I had bought last night.   The art cost me $10 for two pieces.   The postage cost me almost $40.   Kinda backwards but it’s on it’s way and should reach Vancouver in 3 or 4 weeks.

So, mom, when you get a package from Vietnam – that’s what it is.

Afterwards I decided to give one of the many spa/massage places a try.   An hour massage was $25 after tip and even though it’s cheap by North American standards I still felt I actually got ripped off.   Oh well – at least it was a good massage and I felt very relaxed afterwards.

I met up with Anna in the afternoon and we went out to lunch together.

We stopped in this food building next to the market she had heard about and it reminded me a little of all the stalls setup in the main square in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Once again I was hounded by people trying to sit at their stall and we just kind of pushed our way in to look around.

We stopped at one that had some customers at it and had a good assortment of food and ingredients on display.

Most of the time after that was spent figuring out the next little while and getting our two trips in sync.

Her timeline is a little different from mine because she has to be in Bangkok on an certain date whereas I don’t have to be anywhere at any time (what a great feeling!)

At 6:30 we went out again to eat – a common theme for our time here in Hoi An.   In fact when I look back at Hoi An, we really didn’t do that much here besides walk around and eat.

Strike that – Anna shopped for clothes too but, for me, that’s all I did here.

Sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation…

We once again found a little place with the tiny tables and tiny stools to sit on.   This place had a bbq setup out front with skewers of chicken and pork cooking on it.

Each skewer was 12,000 dong (60 cents) so we ordered a few of them, and then some more after that.

I also tried a snail salad but made the mistake of not asking for no spice and I paid for it.   Yikes!

I really can’t handle anything with spice!   I grabbed some yummy rice bread the man had sitting by his bbq and chomped on that to help with the burning in my mouth.

Just before 8pm we paid and parted ways.   Anna was going back to the hostel and I was going to go watch the Olympic men’s gold medal game between Canada and Sweden at the bar just down the street.

I strolled in just as it turned to 8:00 only to find out the game had started at 7pm.


The game was in the first intermission.   At least Canada was up 1-0.

And then 2-0…

And then 3-0…

And then GOLD!!!!

The crowd in the bar went crazy.   Hockey night in Vietnam was alive and good here tonight!

And that was the end to my golden day.   Not much going on and tomorrow is actually going to probably be a carbon copy of today except for that gold medal…

Beauty, eh?

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