Well, this sucks!

I was going to rent a motorbike today and ride over to Da Lat…


After going to bed at 1am I woke up just 3 hours later with a rumbling stomach.   Not a I’m hungry, feed me kind of rumble – nope, the other kind.

By 7am I hadn’t gone back to bed and I just wasn’t feeling great what with my stomach ache and a severe lack of sleep the last couple of nights.

It was pretty clear by this time that the day as I had planned it wasn’t going to happen and I made the decision to stay in Mui Ne for another day and just push everything back a day.

Luckily with the way my trip is setup I have no where to be at any particular time so I can take this time to heal myself up.

So, I booked another night here, let the motorcycle guy know I would be renting a day later and contacted the hostel in Da Lat to let them know the same.

And then I lay in bed all day… well, aside from, well, you know…

I did go out in the late afternoon to grab something to eat.   I just walked over to the corner store and bought some cookies and crackers (no real food for me today).

With the whole day to myself staying inside my room I just downloaded poker on my computer and spent the day playing online poker.

Yes, it was an, oh so, exciting day on my Asia Trip today…

As I write this now it’s almost 10pm and my stomach is still not feeling great.   I feel like I’m probably going to have to stay yet another day here tomorrow but we’ll see in the morning…

The suspects

I picked up this Bahn Bo (Steamed rice cake with meat and egg inside) at a food stall on the bus trip from HCMC

I had scallops in a butter sauce last night for dinner
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