No, I didn’t slip back quietly to Vancouver.

I meant my other home…

Chiang Mai.

More specifically – the Aoi Garden Home hostel inside the north gate of the old city of Chiang Mai.

I first came here just over a month ago and at the time I was really sad to leave.   It just feels like home.

It’s so relaxing in the city here.   No one hassling you for anything and everybody smiles.   It just has a small town feel and even though there are tourists here it doesn’t feel┬álike they’re here because there’s not as many and they’re not all congregating in one area.

I’ll be staying here for 5 more days and quite possibly for 3 more after that (I’ll decide that later on in the week).

I don’t really have any plans for those 5 days.   I see alot of walking around and eating in my near future.

I arrived here in the early afternoon around 1:30pm.   My flight from Phuket left at 10:30 which meant I was up at the crack of dawn at 6am because it takes awhile to get from Patong beach (where I was staying) to the airport in the north.

After checking in and being shown to my old room I just decided I’d just go out and start walking and see where it led me.

Every other time I had turned left out of the gate of the hostel.   Today, I turned right.   I just couldn’t stop myself from smiling – I was here!   Back in Chiang Mai!

After a couple of hours of just walking (and a quick stop for Pad Thai, of course) I returned to the hostel around 3:30 and just chilled in my room with the a/c on full blast.

At just after 5pm I excitedly went back out into the city because…

It was time for the Sunday street market!!!

I actually left Phuket a day early and arranged a flight on a Sunday to get here just for the night market.

I have been to it a couple of times now and no way was I gonna miss an opportunity to go to it again.

And, without further ado – I leave you with the scrumptious food I sampled at the night market…

Kanom Krog (a Thai sweet) – Flour, sugar, coconut and cream with taro and purmpkin (20 baht, 70 cents)

Rice pancakes stuffed with different meats and vegetables (30 baht, $1)

Nice crunchy corn off the cob served with salt and butter (20 baht, 70 cents)

Bacon wrapped mushrooms (20 baht, 70 cents)

Pork skewers with pineapple and veggies (7 baht, 25 cents)

Squid Tempura (10 baht, 30 cents)

And that was the day!

Coming back to a city I love, walking nowhere in particular and eating a crapload of cheap food!

What an awesome day!!!

Asia Trip 2014, Trip Journal

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