Well, this is the week I relax and when I say relax, I really mean relax.

I actually did so little today that I was debating whether to even write a blog today but in over 200 days in travelling between all my trips I’ve never had a day where I didn’t blog.

So, here we are…

My blog for the day…

I had a really rough nights’ sleep because, even though I was dead tired from being up early in the morning, I had a massive migraine.

I don’t usually get headaches and I can’t remember when, if ever, I had a migraine last.

I awoke at 1 in the morning with my head pounding and just sat up in bed for awhile just thinking happy thoughts, rubbing my temples, and praying for the gods to make me all better again.

It must have worked because at some point I did fall back asleep and when I awoke this morning my head was fine.

I woke up around 9:30 and looked around the room – everyone was already up and out.   Holy crap – early risers here!

I still didn’t feel like getting out of bed so I just pulled out my laptop and curled up under the covers enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty room.

After the cleaning lady had come in twice to make a couple of beds and then two people checked into said beds I figured maybe that was a sign that I should probably get my ass out of bed.

I only had one plan for the day – get pad thai.

Yup, I told you – no plans, nothing to do.   It’s a tough life!

I went to a little stand down the street and although it wasn’t the best pad thai I’ve had, it still was pretty damn good.

I know by the time I get back home I’ll be sick of the meal as I’ve been pretty much having it at least once a day for awhile now, but, whatever – for right now, I’m in love with it!

I then just walked around for a bit before coming back to the hostel and once again crashing in bed for a couple of hours.   I didn’t really fall asleep but I sure was close.   I think the combination of a crappy nights’ sleep and walking around in the heat just drained me.

Finally around 4pm I dragged my ass out of bed once again in search of more food.   I was still feeling pretty worn down and decided a nice greasy burger in my system would help.

I ended up just outside the east gate and passed by a bunch of massage parlors on my way to where there’s a Burger King and McDonalds next to each other.

Burger King won out this time.

After some substance in me, I actually had some energy back in my system and walked back towards town.

Well, after I stopped to get a massage of course.

200 baht, $7 for one hour – c’mon, how could I not?

Back at the hostel I just hung out with a group of travelers at the picnic table in the center of the garden.   I talked with one girl from Toronto who has traveled a very similar trip to me (including a bout of food poisoning in Vietnam).

We compared stories for a while and it was kind of nice to relive some of the moments past from the trip.

And that was it – my day of nothing.

Sorry but the next few entries will probably be the same.   Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing planned so make sure you tune in for that exciting blog!!!

No, seriously, tune in – even if I do nothing, I’ll still make it an entertaining read…

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