After finally disembarking from a long 24 hour train ride out of North Korea, I had another train ride in my near future.

I arrived in Beijing this morning at 8:30 but wasn’t staying long as I had an 11:00 train headed out of the city down south to Shanghai.

Of course, life couldn’t be easy and have the other train depart from the same train station.


I had to lug my heavy backpack to the subway and go to the Southern Railway Station.

The subway ride is only about 20 minutes but instead of the regular ticket machine/security check I was inundated with a huge lineup for subway tickets and security at the subway station just outside the railway station.

It didn’t even dawn on me that thousands of people arriving at the railway station would be going on the subway at the same time.

No worries though as I had plenty of time til my next train left but it did take an hour to do a 20 minute ride and I did have my heavy backpack on the whole time so that kinda sucked.

Ah, the Southern Railway Station.

I arrived at 9:30 and was soon faced with another long line as with all subway and train stations here in China, then run all your bags through a security screening belt.

By 10am I was finally able to put by backpack down on the chair next to me as I sat in the train check-in waiting lounge.

I actually ate the first food I had eaten in 37 hours.   It wasn’t much, just a bag of chips, but at least I ate something.

At 11am I boarded my train for Shanghai.

This train was much different from the trains I was just previously on as it was a high speed train going up to 350km/hr.

My seat actually had a power outlet behind it so I was able to recharge my laptop and phone and somehow managed to go through all the notes I had taken the last few days and bang out all the blogs from my North Korean adventure.

I spent almost the entirety of the 4 1/2 hour train ride turning the elaborate notes I had taken the last few days into travel blogs that I would upload later when I arrived in Shanghai.

It was alot of writing but it was also kind of nice to relive the trip once again.

At 4pm I arrived in Shanghai and just an hour later I was finally checked in my hostel.

It had been 37 long hours from the last time I was in a room with a bed in it and it felt great.

I had originally planned on hitting the ground running when I got here tonight but after a 30 hour journey to get here and still feeling effects of food poisoning, I decided to just hunker down in my room for the night.

I somehow again managed to check into a hostel that is pretty much just full of Chinese people but, whatever, at least I had the room to myself for most of the evening.

I spent the evening catching up with everything blog, Facebook and YouTube related.

I uploaded all 5 blogs I had written on the train, 300+ photos on Facebook and a few videos as well.

Yup, I had internet overload after a week away from it.

I ended up going to bed around 10 and ready to explore the grand city of Shanghai tomorrow…

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