Day 12 – Sangria Sunday

Madrid, Spain

Today four of us headed out to the outskirts of town to a flea market.  Along with me were the German girls Hanna and Sabrina as well as someone new I met yesterday, Muge.  Muge is from Istanbul and was leaving to return home later in the day.

The flea market was all outside and enormous.  After we thought we had seen all the stands we would turn a corner and lo and behold there would be another street filled with vendors.  Thankfully the weather decided to co-operate for another day and the sun was out.

[After walking around for an hour or so Sangria Sunday began (at least for me anyway)…

First, the girls were in need of a caffeine fix so we stopped in a cafe.  They all ordered their coffees and me, well, I’m not a coffee drinker so I ordered sangria (which of course came with a small plate of complimentary tapas).

We all then visited the train station to see the beautiful garden instead.  It was really a unique sight to see.  There inside a busy rail station was an grand garden with exotic trees and a little man made lake with dozens of sea turtles lounging about.  Seriously, they were all lounging on big rocks

After the turtles we parted ways.  Sabrina and Hanna had a picnic in the park planned and Muge and I were going out for drinks since she was leaving a couple of hours.

Enter more sangria!

The sangrias they serve here are served in HUGE glasses by the way so you get quite a bit.  We went to two different restaurants and ordered sangrias and of course along side them were those beautiful complimentary tapas.  Really – how do these places make money giving this stuff away?

Anyway the afternoon was coming to an end so Muge and I headed back to the hostel so she could leave for the airport.

The early evening for me was just lounging about in the common tv room.  At around 8pm I headed out on my own for, you guessed it, more sangria and tapas.

When I came back Hanna and I headed out to the famous chocolateria here in town.  The place has been around for over 100 years and has been host to several officials including presidents and Hollywood types over those years.  We ordered their specialty: the churros with a big cup of warm melted chocolate.

On our way back we decided instead of hitting a bar we would grab a bottle of wine and make sangria again.  We mixed it up and headed into the tv room where we ended the night lying on the couch watching Trainspotting.

And so ends Sangria Sunday.

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