Well, apparently all the Germans are done with their break and have gone back to school/life because I haven’t met any of them recently.

A new invasion has begun!

In the last few days I’ve met scores of Americans and they all have one thing in common – for the most part they’re studying abroad and have a week or two vacation.   Everyone has been super friendly and have some great stories to tell.

Yesterday a group of 6 of them booked into the hostel as I was going out for the day.   I met the mama bear Jessica and we talked for a bit.   I call her mama bear not because of her age because she’s 21 just like the rest of her group but because of how she carried herself and her natural instinct to be a comforter and protector.

Later on that day, after exploring on my own, I found them all at the hostel ready for free sangria.   Somehow – probably because of their desire to have a pet Canadian in tow – I hung out with them for the rest of the night as we partook in the home cooked paella at the hostel and then all went on a pub crawl around Seville til the wee hours.

Jessica and I talked alot and I even shared some stuff with her that I don’t really share with people.   She has that effect by being a caring and comforting person.   During the night there was some drama and I tried to return the favor.

In the end we innocently held hands – nothing more, it was perfect – as a way of letting each other know everything would be okay – and it was.

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