First let me start by saying that I have now started month two and I’ve already met so many great people and seen and done alot of amazing things and today just added to all of that.

As you know, back in Seville I was invaded by Americans and two of those Americans, Rachel and Caroline, arrived here in Barcelona yesterday.

Of course we didn’t see each other yesterday because being over here with limited ways to contact someone (ie. facebooking) leads to a myriad of messages back and forth until finally you’re able to pin point a time and a place to meet.

Well, we did that today.   It was so nice to once again be able to explore a new city with someone and, considering my great ability to get lost, have someone else worry about how we got to where we were going.

I am indeed fortunate that both of them will be here with me for a few days and that we’ll explore together most of that time.

Today our magic map took us to western side of the city away from the downtown core and over to the Montjuic Castle, Olympic stadium and the grand waterfalls in front of the museum of art.

The walk over was long and Rachel led the way.   Not once today did she lead us in the wrong direction as she confidently would peruse the map and lead us.   Are you listening Rachel’s dad?

We walked several miles and took dozens of photos and we were rewarded at the end by an amazing display of water fountains lining the street down the steps from the art museum (we’ll go there Saturday as it’s free then).

Our other reward?

Sangria and an amazing meal of seafood paella, Russian salad and some breaded ham and cheese stuffed chicken.

Did I mention we had sangria?   Yeah, we had alot – 2 jugs – and as Caroline so correctly surmised, as she watched the man behind the counter prepare them, there were a variety of hard liqueurs mixed in.

By the end of our meal we were all really full and a little tipsy.

This, however, would not be the last alcohol of the night – not by a long shot…

After lunch (or was it dinner? it was 6pm) the girls went shopping and I headed back to my hostel but we made plans to meet up later that night to go to a unique bar called Dow Jones.

At 11pm we headed to the bar which changes the prices of their drinks as the “drink market” fluctuates (ie. if more people buy a certain cocktail, the price goes up).

Of course why hang with two beautiful girls when, you know, you can hang with four?

Enter Lauren and Becky – fellow Canadians staying at my hostel I met briefly the night before during our ghost tour.

They joined us and we all had a great time.   By the time 1am rolled around Caroline and Rachel we’re ready to call it a night so they headed back to their hostel while myself, Lauren and Becky headed to ours.

Somehow – *cough* shooter bar *cough* – we didn’t get back home til 4am.

We actually talked alot about all sorts of things and I’m kinda sad that they’re both leaving tomorrow as we had a great time and hopefully I’ll meet up with them again in the future.

But you don’t really care about that, do you?   You just want to know about this shooter bar…

The shooter bar was a sight to see.   They had hundreds of shooters with every alcohol under the sun.   They had fruit and candy garnishes.   And they had flames – lots of flames.   Just like with potato chips you can’t just have one so we had a few with the grand finale of…

The Monica Lewinsky!

Now because they may one day want to run for public office I will forgo the description, pictures and video of the shots but instead will let your imagination run wild.

Sorry for the tease but, hey, I’m Canadian and, you know, we’re nice people…

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