Today was Easter Monday and that meant two things.   Most of the shops were closed and there were tourists everywhere.

I had only booked my hostel here in Rome for one night as kind of a “feel out how it is” thing to see if I wanted to spend the rest of my time in Rome there.

I didn’t.   The hostel was anti-social and frankly I was pretty pissed that they didn’t let me get to my bed early.   No friendly hellos just “passport please”.

So I booked a different hostel on the other side of town.

At noon I moved over and settled in before heading out to visit the Trevi Fountain where I spent the last coins I had by tossing them into the fountain – hopefully something good comes!

I next walked over to the Spanish Steps which led to the Piazza del Popolo.   I walked and walked and all I got out of it was the fact that I was a tourist amoungst tourists.   I’m sure there’s some significance to it all but I didn’t see it.   Perhaps if I was doing it with someone I loved it would be different but walking it and doing it myself was kind of meh.

I did buy some new shirts and socks as I was down to 3 shirts and wearing socks more than one day in a row just wasn’t working for me.

And I ate pizza cause, well, when in Rome…

Back at the new hostel I quickly discovered that this hostel was actually worse social wise than the last one.   What the hell?   I walked in and no one said hi.   In my dorm there were 3 people asleep at 8pm and two people on their computers.   Not.   A.   Word.


I spent time figuring out what and how I wanted to see the sights over the next few days and I’m actually chopping two days off of Rome and leaving on Thursday instead.

At 11pm I decided I needed to get out of there to get some air and to eat.   The two days in Rome were not spectacular for me and I needed time to reflect again.   Of course it started to pour rain which can be seen as either good or bad for this situation.   I took it as good.

Anyway I’m just going to power through the next two days before heading to Naples and then onto Florence a few days later.

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