Today was my last day in Rome and I was going to hit all the big sites today – the Colosseum, the forum, the ruins and the Pantheon.

Although I did finally meet some people (Jaimie and Freddy) to hang out with last night they were doing things I had already done so I was, once again, on my own.

I didn’t mind so much as the weather did a complete 180 and was easily the nicest weather I’ve seen in over a month.   Besides we had plans to meet up later in the evening to go out for a nice meal back where I was last night.

So around 11am I headed out to explore.   I had bought a Roma Pass yesterday which, along with discounted entries and free transit for 3 days, bypassed the huge line at the Colosseum.

After the lineup¬†debacle¬†yesterday it was with immense pleasure that I walked past everybody and entered 5 minutes after arriving.   A sweet measure of revenge even if I had to stand in the pouring rain and they were all standing in the beautiful sunlight.   I don’t care – I’ll take it.

Exploring everything was great and I took some amazing photos.   Of course everywhere was run over by tourists as I’m quickly become accustomed to here in Rome.   Seriously – doesn’t anyone work?   Is the whole world on vacation?


I headed back to the hostel around 2:00 and chance would have it Jaimie was also there on her way out to meet Freddy to do the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.   I had already done all of this but since it was a nice day and I really had nothing to do I figured I would go with.

We actually sat in the sun in the Plaza del Popolo for awhile catching rays and eating pizza and ice cream (I know, my diet – out the window!)

After awhile we finally got off and started our walk.   They actually went off in a different direction around the Spanish Steps than I had done previously so I was happy to be discovering a new part of the city.   We happened upon a cool little lake with ducks and turtles and people in little sailboats.

When we got to the fountain I left them as they were headed to the Pantheon and I was kinda tired and wanted to relax for a bit before heading out later in the evening.

Besides – it was about 6pm and surely there would be some new, cool people to talk with at the hostel…

Ah, no… just me.


I popped on my computer to figure out the next few days in Naples and the Amalfi coast and before I knew it they were back.

Time for a great dinner!


First it took forever to head out and then we did the timing was such that we didn’t have enough time to head into Trastevere, the restaurant district I was last night.

So we went to a place nearby that our guy at the hostel recommended.   I knew in my heart that this wasn’t what I wanted and I was compromising in a way I didn’t want to as this was my last meal in Rome and, frankly, I had eaten too many crappy overpriced meals here and knew where I could have a good one.

As Freddy, Jaimie, myself and another girl from the hostel entered the restaurant I looked at the menu board and, sure enough, the prices were 10 to 16 euros (twice as much as the place I was at last night).   The kicker for me though was we weren’t greeted for a full 10 minutes and while I understand that in general service in Europe sucks – it’s hard for me who comes from a service background to tolerate.

And I didn’t.

I left the others to head on my own.   It took about 45 minutes to get to where I wanted by bus and by foot but it was worth it.   Another great meal and another bottle of Prosecco.   It was a shame I couldn’t share the meal (and bottle) with the others as I really wanted them to experience what I had the night before but sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to.

I arrived back at the hostel right before midnight and, shock of all shocks, no one was there.

This time I was kind of happy as I was tired and just wanted to go to bed plus I seriously was so done with Rome.   For me, the big cities (Rome, Barcelona, Madrid) are not my cup of tea.   I prefer the smaller cities and villages away from the swarms of tourists.

So, I just wanted to sleep knowing that when I awoke I would leave Rome behind and start a new adventure.

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