Today was another early start as I had to take the train down to Sorrento, check in to my new hostel and then head on a day trip to the island of Capri with Jaimie.

The hostel I’m staying at here in Sorrento is actually more like a hotel as we all have our own rooms (mind you there are four single beds in each room) and there is a lobby, a bar and a front desk.

There’s only one other person in my room so it’s kind of nice plus he doesn’t snore!   Bonus!

After checking in we quickly headed out to the island of Capri via a fast ferry.   It’s been a long time since I’ve been on any kind of boat and it sure was nice to be out in the water.

We arrived in Capri a half hour later with no real plan.   For the first little bit we just kind of wandered around the main area of town along with all the other tourists.   And then hunger set in…

We stopped for lunch and sat on a seaside patio sharing some bruschetta bread and a Margherita pizza.   I noticed they had prosecco by the glass so of course I had some of that too.

After lunch we headed by bus up though the city til we reached the chair lift area.






But I went on this tiny little chair lift anyway.   As we went up I was clutching onto the bar as I watched the lift go higher and higher and steeper and stepper.   I was fine once we reached the top but, man, going up was not as relaxing.

Up top, the view was amazing and¬†definitely¬†worth the 15 minutes of panic coming up.   Again, tons of photos as there was just so much to take a picture of.   After that we didn’t really see a need to do anything else on the island as we figured what could possibly top that… so, we headed down and raced for our ferry back to Sorrento.

This was Jaimie’s last night in Italy as she was returning back to here temporary home of the UK (she’s abroad from Montreal) the next day.

So, we had a great meal complete with a bottle of Pinot Gris followed by this ridiculously large meringue/ice cream conglomeration.

Great way to end the night.

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