IMG_0423Today Johanna, Keissi and I took a short 20 minute metro trip to the east of Lisbon where the old Expo 98 lands are.

It’s a beautiful area with great landscaping and architecture.   Scattered throughout are reminders of what was there 15 years ago – the cable car over the water, an arena, the aquarium and a science museum to name a few.

We walked for quite a while – a repetitive theme of my travels so far.   It was a nice walk especially since the land was actually flat – a nice change after all the hills and cobblestone streets we’ve encountered so far.

After we had pretty much seen all we wanted to see I decided to go to the Science Museum (T-Rex exhibit – cool stuff, right?) while the girls wanted to go shopping at the nearby mall, because, well, they are girls after all.   This actually worked out great because I’m not a huge shopping mall fan.

The lady at the museum front desk said it would take about 2 hours to experience everything so we made plans to meet up again at the mall then.

What I forgot about science museums is that unless you’re a kid, they’re pretty lame.   Add to that that all the displays were in Portuguese.   Anyway, I was in and out of there in just 10 minutes.   Four euros well spent.   At least I was able to scam a student discount by showing my BC Drivers Licence.

So I headed to the mall early, found the girls and stopped at this popular fast food restaurant here in Portugal – Pans & Company.   I had already had a sandwich so I just had one of their apple crepes.   The only reason I’m even writing about this is so I can show you these photos:

This is the picture they show on their menu board of their apple crepe
This is what you get – yummy!

Back at the hostel I met Peter – my new roommate for a couple of days.   He’s originally from Derry, Ireland but now calls London home.   I invited him to join the three of us for dinner and even though I was determined to find somewhere new to eat we ended up back at the restaurant I’ve been to the last couple of nights.

No major complaints because the food has been plentiful and delicious    This time, rather than trying to figure out the Portuguese menu we opted to just have our waiter choose four different items for us to share.   He came back with pork, codfish, tuna and veal.   Along with potatoes  rice, veggies, fries and a bottle of wine, we had an amazing full meal.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

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