Today was like a few of my days now.   Rampant disorganization and dreary rain at the start followed by inspiration and joy.

So like I said, the day began with rampant disorganization.   Basically “my plan” kept changing and I couldn’t make a decision to save my life.   The rain didn’t help either.

I started the day later than I wanted to around 9:30 instead of 8:00.   My plan was to be at the Academia to see the Statue of David when it opened up so I wouldn’t have to stand in line.   I was then going to go on a walking tour at 11:00 and follow it up with a visit to Duomo di Firenze in the early afternoon.

Getting started late through that all out the window as I found an hour lineup to see the David.   I stood in line for about 10 minutes and then changed plans because I would miss the walking tour if I went now.

So, I went to search out the walking tour.   Didn’t find it.

By this point it was raining, I was wet and sad and frustrated.   I started to wander and got lost and by the time I figured out where I was it was just after noon and I had yet to accomplish anything.

The day started to change.

I went back to the David lineup and as the hour in line passed I spent the time thinking about me, about the trip.   It was a good time for self reflection.

Getting into the Academia took an hour.   I was there for 10 minutes.   Sure, there was a bunch of other art but I was there to see the David!   They don’t let you take pictures so, of course, I snuck one.   After it was all said and done I stood in line for an hour and paid 6.50 euros to see a statue.   The things we do on a euro vacation.

By then the rain had let up and I headed to Duomo di Firenze and to my delight there were no lineups for the different stations.   I went into the cathedral, the crypt and the Baptistry.

I ended it with a climb (all 414 steps) up the bell tower to get an amazing look at the city of Florence from high above.

I felt great!

Back at the hostel I met a handful of people – a Minnesotan  an Indian, two Brazilians and a fellow Vancouverite.   We all partook in their free wine before heading out to a dinner for six.

Us two Vancouverites decided to share the massive 1.3kg Florentine Steak.   It was ridiculously thick and huge and served rare.   Would I have it again?   Probably not since we each paid 27 euros for it (no sides or anything with it) but I’m glad I tried it just to say: “hey!   I tried it!”

We returned to the hostel around 11pm and after a quick pack up for tomorrow I headed to bed.

Considering how the day started I was pretty happy with how it ended.   It’s amazing how many times that’s already happened on this trip and I have to keep reminding myself of that when the days start off dreary as it did today…

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