Today was a do nothing day.

I woke up early at 8am and everyone I had been hanging out with the last couple of days slept way past then as they stayed much later on the pub crawl last night.

So I left messages with them that I would be at a fountain at the main square at 1pm if they wanted to join up later and then headed out on my own to see what the city had to offer.

Nice is – excuse the phrasing – nice because there are no big monuments or tourist attractions to see.   No tickets to reserve.   No lineups to stand in.   Relief!

I headed over to the old town and this being Saturday they had all a nice market setup with everything from fresh fish and fruits to assorted baked goods and, of course, tacky souvenirs.   I also found a shoe store where I bought a long sought after new pair of brown walking shoes as I had tossed my original ones a couple of weeks ago and was left walking in my summer shoes when I really shouldn’t have been.

At 1pm I went over to the fountain and met up with Chau who then joined me for another 3 course lunch.   This time I had calamari, seafood entree and a lemon tart.   Yummy!

After a long lunch we headed back to the hostel where Chau headed in for awhile and I, after vegging out for awhile, headed to the beach and walked along the seashore.   By 6pm it was getting cold and the seashore seemed to go on forever so I turned around and came back.

A quick stop at the grocery store next door for a salad, chocolate mousse and cherry Coke for dinner and I was set.

In the evening a few of us finished the night playing cards in the common room before we all turned in for the night.

Like I said – a do nothing day… my kind of day!

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