Today I took a metro, a train, a bus, a plane and then another bus from my hostel in Marseille to my new one here in Bordeaux.

The hostel here is actually a hotel.   The toilet is down the hall but other than that every thing else is totally like a hotel – I have my individual room complete with desk, tv and sink.   It’s kind of nice to be able to relax and not worry about anyone else in the room.

I didn’t have a chance to eat before my travel here and by the time I was settled in and went out to explore it was already 2pm and I was starving.

I was craving a nice 3 course meal and that’s exactly what I had.   I started with a unique twist of a caesar salad with anchovies actually on top of the salad.   It was a little salty but otherwise really nice.

For my main course I finally had steak tartar.   I’ve had it back home but really was looking forward to having it here in France and it didn’t disappoint – it was another “close your eyes and savor the bite” kind of dish.

For dessert I chose the tiramisu and, although it’s technically Italian, it was a great way to finish off my meal.

Oh, and of course I had a 1/2 bottle of rosé wine but that kind of goes without saying.   Yes, I know rosé in Bordeaux country is almost blasphemous but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of red wine tomorrow on my day long wine tour.

After my late lunch I headed back to the hostel to rest a bit.   I was still stuffed up from a cold I’ve been fighting for a couple of days and I really was looking forward to just resting here in Bordeaux and that’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t actually leave the hostel until late at night when I went wandering out around 11pm looking for something sweet to nibble on.

I walked the empty streets for awhile til I happened upon an area where people were congregating.   I stopped by a little ice cream shop and picked up a sugar crepe and a raspberry sorbet milkshake – exactly what I was looking for.

And that was the day.   Just kind of rested up gearing up for a long day tomorrow as I’ve booked a wine tour for 60 euros that goes from 9am til 6pm and included lunch.   It’s the first tour I’ve booked on my trip and involves a coach bus with 50 other people so I’m not sure what to expect but whatever happens it doesn’t matter cause…

I’ll be in Bordeaux tasting wine!   C’mon, how cool will that be?

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