Today I decided to explore the coastal region of Cascais about a half an hour to the west by myself.   I took the day to reflect both on me and the things going on around me.   I needed to refocus and remember why I’m on this trip in the first place – to improve myself in every way possible.

Sitting in the shade under a tree in the quaint town I sat for probably half an hour just thinking things through and remembering what an amazing journey I had ahead of me.

That got my energy back up and as I flashed a big smile, I started my trek along the beaches that go on for miles.

It was nice to be on my own and take everything in.   Here I was without a care in the world – no work, miles away from home in a beautiful setting like this.   Seriously… how fortunate and lucky am I?

Anyway I must have walked a few miles.   This was the perfect excursion for me today.   Just a nice stroll along the beach.

Sorry there’s not much to report here.   It was really a lazy kind of day but I think those are¬†vitally¬†important to have on a trip like this.   Not every day should be go, go, go – after all, this is a vacation.

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