Today I woke up in Malta to a beautiful sunshiny day.   After only 5 hours sleep I was up at 8:30am and headed downstairs and opted for the 4 euro home cooked to order “English” breakfast.

Now I’ve never had an English breakfast and wasn’t sure what it entailed but was delighted at what I got:   eggs, sausage, ham, tomato, mushrooms, toast and beans.   Sweet way to start the day.

I was meeting up with Renald – one of the Malta boys on my camel trek last month – in the afternoon and decided to take a leisurely walk around the city for a few hours.

My walk took me along the seawall for quite a while before heading inland for lunch and then to the hostel to meet up with Renald.

It was nice to see my Malta friend again and I was equally excited to be travelling in a car.   Aside from the 4×4 ride through Morocco which I don’t really count, this was the first time I was in a car since I left for my trip 2 months ago.

We drove over to Mdina and toured the old city there.   Renald pointed out a place saying that they had the best chocolate cake on the island.   Well, I just had to try it and sure enough it was pretty damn good!

I also toured a museum of torture which had lifelike depictions of torture scenes from the history of Malta – interesting history lesson to say the least.

We then headed back to the car and drove over to Bugibba which is a smaller, quieter version of St Julian’s (the city I’m staying in).   We walked along the seafront as Renald told me the story of St Paul who got shipwrecked and turned from Pagan to Christian leader because he survived a poisonous snake bite.

It was actually nice to tour parts of the island with Renald as he told me some stories I probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise.   We also talked about life in Malta.   Overall, it was a great afternoon.

By 6pm it was time for us to part ways as he had to catch some sleep before going to work the graveyard shift later on that night.

We said our goodbyes and I was back at the hostel.   I took some time to get cleaned up and headed out to get some dinner.

Renald had recommended a specific restaurant along the waterfront that served a traditional dish of rabbit so I went over there.

Sure enough I had a great meal and the only bad thing was the drastic change in weather awaiting me as I exited the restaurant.

The sunny morning had turned cloudy in the afternoon and now it was pouring rain.   It was the first time on my trip I was caught without an umbrella and I walked the 20 minutes back to the hostel getting drenched.

Once back a shower solved everything and I went downstairs to find a few people to chat with.   The poker guys from last night had gone out to the casino to play a tournament so unfortunately there was no poker tonight but the talking was good in its’ place.

Tomorrow I meet up with Paul on the island of Gozo about and hour and a half journey from here for another reunion and my last full day here in Malta.

Here’s to another great day in Malta…

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