Monika is a friend of a friend of a friend I met in university years back.   We all hung out together back then and then we all kind of drifted apart.

Last year I found her on Facebook and we’ve been commenting on each other’s statuses ever since.

She is from Croatia so when I came here I obviously picked her brain on things to do and see.

She told me some sights to see and also told me about the house she has in Turanj just south of Zadar.

Well, obviously I had to go search out this house and that’s exactly what I did this morning.

I walked for about 20 minutes videotaping it all.   Even if I didn’t actually videotape her house at least I could supply her with some memories of her town.

It was actually a nice peaceful walk as there was virtually nobody on the streets.   The weather was perfect and I got to walk along the seaside.   It was a nice way to start the day.

After coming back into Zadar I finally did what I’ve been putting off for over a month now – I got my hair cut.

This was probably the most scared I was having someone cut my hair as I literally drew on a post-it note what “spiked” hair was.

It all came off without a hitch though and now I’m sporting nice, manageable short hair.

After, I visited the old city.   It’s always amazing to visit the old buildings and structures realizing most of them are older than the country I live in.

I ended up at another restaurant that had been recommended.This time the food and service were both great – and the meal was uber cheap too.

I started with a great fish soup and then for dinner had a seafood pasta which was so overloaded with different kinds of seafood it was crazy.   Seriously, every bite had a few pieces of seafood in it.   It was labeled and priced (65 kuna = 8 euro) as a starter but the pasta was definitely entree size.   I finished off my meal with not one, but two desserts – hey the food was that good!   I had both the creme caramel and a chocolate and walnut cream cake.

And that was the day – not much happened but I’ll make up for that the next two days as I’m heading to Plitvice Lake tomorrow and then sailing around the Kornati Islands the next day.

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