So today was yet another travel day.   Usually on these travel days I get to the new hostel mid afternoon, get checked in and settled in, go out for dinner and that’s it.   Not very exciting but I need these days to recharge and plan out the next few days.

Today was a little different though.   After settling in I met Silvia in the common room.   She’s a Canadian working in France on a little vacation before heading back home.   She wanted to head out and of course I was ready to get out there and explore the city too.

We walked to the park and up the steps to get a nice view of the city.   Afterwards we walked along the seaside just chatting about all sorts of things.

The city itself is beautiful.   There’s an old town which I will explore tomorrow and of course everything is along the sea.   There’s also alot of stray cats on the streets which is cute but also very sad to see.   Me, I’m a sucker for cats so every time we would come across one I would stop.

After walking for about an hour we went back to the hostel to see if anyone else wanted to come to dinner with us and that’s where I met Hitesh.   The three of us soon went out to dinner.

We went to a little place tucked away from the main street that served fresh seafood.   We all started with bruschetta – mine with tomato sauce and sardines.   For dinner I chose the mixed seafood which was a plate of bluefish and sardines with swiss chard and boiled potatoes and then for dessert I had the fig jam crepe.   After the vast amount of heavy meals I’ve had in the recent past it was nice to get something healthy into me.

As dinner was ending the skies opened up complete with thunderstorms and lightning.   I’ve experienced this a couple of times this trip and it’s always special for me as we don’t get that back home in Vancouver.

For the second time this trip I got caught in the rain without an umbrella and this time I was only dressed in my shorts and tshirt.   After waiting for the rain to calm down a bit we finally made a dash for the hostel.

So the day was a little more eventful that a normal travel day which was kind of nice.   Tomorrow there’s a festival here in town as it’s a holiday for the city of Split so I’ll be in town celebrating with the locals and exploring the city.

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