I’m in a funk right now.   I have no motivation to do anything and a part of me just wants this vacation to end.   It feels like work.

Too much planning and pulling my hair out trying to figure it all out.   Heaven forbid Croatia comes together and displays all the ferry and bus schedules on one website that’s easily understandable.

I spent a good chunk of the day trying to figure out how to hop the islands off of Split and I just about gave up and was just going to skip them.   I did finally figure out how to do it but I’m not excited about going like I should be.

I think I’ve reached a wall when it comes to this trip.   I just don’t feel like doing anything else.   I almost feel obligated to go see everything and do everything in each city and it’s just never ending.   I mean once I have this city figured out – there’s another one down the road and then another…

I know it’s weird to be “complaining” when I’m on a vacation that people would love to do but like I said, I’m just in a funk right now.

So, anyway, just a brief recap of the day:

  • woke up late to thunderstorms, lightning and pouring rain
  • crepe for breakfast, seafood risotto for lunch
  • dropped laundry off to get clothes and stinky shoes washed
  • sky cleared and turned into nice day in the late afternoon
  • someone sleeping in my room all day long – what the f*ck?   Had to be quiet all day.
  • disconnected from everyone here at the hostel and have no desire to be social
  • saw a bit of an outdoor concert for their civic holiday today
  • went for dinner alone
  • back by 9pm and just hid in my room (in the dark of course because someone was still sleeping)
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