Today I am exactly 1/3 of the way through my journey of 219 days and I spent it doing nothing!

It’s true – I literally did nothing today.

After the great day I had yesterday here in Hvar, I decided to stay an extra day even though I had no plans to do or see anything here.   I just wanted to eat a couple good meals, relax on the patio and enjoy the quiet.

So that’s what I did.

I crawled out of bed just before noon and went for lunch at the same restaurant we went to last night.   I noticed yesterday that they have a daily four course lunch special for 60 kuna (8 euro) and I wanted to give it a try.   Of course the portions were smaller but, sure enough, I got four courses.   It was the perfect size meal for lunch and of course the price couldn’t be beat.

I have to say that I’ve had great, friendly service for pretty much all my meals in Croatia which is such a change from what I had experienced in previous countries here in Europe.   So, kudos Croatia!

I spent the entire afternoon sitting on the patio deck overlooking the town and the water playing online poker.   Yeah, I know – some of you will be like “What the hell?   Seriously?   You’re on a beautiful island and you’re sitting on your computer?   Get out there!”   However, if you’ve been following my blog then you would understand that doing nothing, even in paradise, is exactly what I needed.

Aside from going out to dinner around 8pm where I had a beautiful lamb dish, nothing else happened.   I literally hung out at the hostel all day, most of it alone, and it was awesome!

I feel recharged and ready to hit the trail again.   I have one more night back in Split tomorrow night before heading for Dubrovnik for a couple of days and then it’s onto Bosnia and then Serbia followed by Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and well, there’s another dozen countries after that but that’s the plan for the next couple of months…

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