After the God awful weather last night I woke up to a beautiful sunshiny day today.

I got out of bed around noon and after watching the kittens for a bit I was off to explore the old town.

Well, not quite yet… I had a pizza to eat.   Last night at dinner one of our group had a pizza and I tried a bit.   It was so amazing that I had to go back for some.   What better than to have pizza for breakfast/lunch?

The restaurant is owned by a man named Mario and he has a great way of making you feel welcome.   He is always standing on the corner by his restaurant saying hi to the people passing by trying to get them to come try his place.   Actually pretty much every restaurant here in Dubrovnik has someone outside doing the same thing but he does his with style and it comes off as genuine as opposed to pushy or annoying.

Anyway, originally when I asked at the hostel for a good place to eat they recommended a different place and the group of us went there last night only to find they were closed “due to rain”.   Really?   Okay…

So, we headed down the street and found Mario and his restaurant.   Normally when I’m in a city I like to try a few different places to eat just to get some variety but when I find great food and great service – I stick with it.   And that’s what I did today.   I actually stopped by Mario’s restaurant two more times – once for a quick snack of Bruschetta in the afternoon and then for a mixed grill plate for dinner later in the evening.

Sorry, got side tracked on food.   By the way, did you know I spend more money on food than anything else on this trip?   Yes, I love food.

Anyway, back to exploring Dubrovnik’s old town…

The big thing to do here in the old town is walk along the top of the walls of the city.   The trick with walking the wall, by the way, is to walk in the opposite direction of the tourists so you’re not constantly behind a slow moving group.

The views were amazing and I took a ton of photos.   When I came down from the wall I walked around the city which is actually quite small and easily viewed in one afternoon.

I also discovered something about myself – I’m not a museum guy.   I guess I never really was but after going into museum after museum I find that it’s really not my cup of tea.   I went into another museum this afternoon at Rektor’s Palace and just kind of briskly walked past the vases and weaponry not bothering to read the information on them.

I think what excites me about this trip are the unique experiences I’ve had like a puppet show in Bern, eating at stall 98 in Marrakesh, a Vivaldi concert in Venice, an impromptu trip to Verona, and watching stray cats live in harmony in Split.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m heading out of Croatia and into Bosnia before heading to Serbia later on in the week – here’s hoping for some unique experiences along the way…

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