Today I literally did nothing but this time there’s a story behind it.

A good indicator of what I did during the day is by looking at how many photos I took.   I think I average about 30 a day and hit up to 70 or 80 on days with alot of action.

Today I took 5 – three of food and two of me (just cause I wanted a pic of me to put on this blog).

I had planned to do a 2pm tunnel tour for a few hours which goes to where the front lines were with someone who fought in the war.

I got up around 11am and slowly got on with my day kind of killing time before the tour.   I stopped and got some burek to nibble on (yummy, by the way!) and then just before 2:00 I went to the tourist place that was doing the tour.

They had bad news – the tunnel was flooded!   No tour today ūüôĀ

A sad thing I’ve learned about Bosnia is they are big time cash strapped.   Their unemployment rate is 43% and it’s actually 65% for young adults.   They have no money to fix¬†infrastructure¬†here.

I actually first thought that the damaged buildings from the war were left like that as a monument and perhaps a bit of a tourist attraction.   Turns out it’s because they don’t have money to fix them so after almost 20 years there’s still buildings with bullet holes in them.

The national museum here closed last year after 124 years because of lack of funding.

The water in the area where my hostel is is turned off between midnight and 5am every day because the water pipes in that area leak so they don’t want to waste water in the wee hours of the morning.

I bring this all up because, although I’m not sure, I’m betting the tunnel being flooded was another¬†causality¬†of lack of funding.

I didn’t have a backup plan so I walked through the city again.   It started raining so I headed back to the hostel not really doing anything for the rest of the day.

So, anyway- yes, it was disappointing that I couldn’t go on my tour but in the grand scheme of things it’s kind of hard to be upset about it.

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