Today I crossed what were once enemy lines as I went from Bosnia into Serbia.

My trip today was made easier by going by minivan with Geatours which, for 25 euros, took me door to door from my hostel in Sarajevo to my new one here in Belgrade.   The trip also only took 5 hours as opposed to the 9 hours the regular bus takes.   That alone was worth the extra bucks I paid.

I arrived at the hostel around 3pm and once again I ended up at a hostel with only a few people.   In fact, looking back, the last 5 hostels I’ve stayed at have had fewer than 6 people staying at them.   It was nice to have alone time but now I kind of want to meet some people again.   So, the fact that I checked into another hostel with only a few people was kind of a bummer.

There are 4 other people in my hostel – a Russian who speaks no English, a 50+ Aussie man who went to bed at 9:30pm, and 2 Scandinavian girls who just looked at me funny when I said hi (I’m assuming they don’t speak English – well, I’m hoping that’s why they looked at me funny).

Anyway, basically the people here suck but I just tell myself I just have to suck it up for the weekend and on Monday I’ll be in a new hostel.

I had to swing by another hostel here in town to drop off some money to be transported back to the hostel I just stayed at in Sarajevo.   I went in and it was like paradise.   You could just feel the vibe.   I asked the girl at the desk how many people were staying there and she told me they were almost full with over 50 people there.

50 people!

Argh!   How did I pick the wrong hostel?

So, I came back to my hostel and after a bit of deliberation decided to cancel my other two nights here and I booked with the other hostel instead.

Tomorrow I move over there and I’m pretty damn excited about it!

In the meantime  as has been the norm with my travel days, I didn’t really do anything except eat dinner and try to plan out my limited time here in Serbia.

So, yes, today was kind of bleh but I feel like tomorrow will be sooooo much better and then the next day is the event I’ve been looking forward to for quite awhile – a Depeche Mode concert here in Belgrade!

Can’t wait…

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