Like the title says – I spent one too many days here in Belgrade.

I actually wanted to leave today but the only flights into Montenegro were in the evening and I didn’t really want to arrive at my new hostel at 11pm so I decided I would spend another night here and fly out tomorrow morning.

After the amazing concert last night I really didn’t feel like doing anything else here in Belgrade.   I already did the walking tour and I also walked around alot on my own exploring the city.   I could have done a day trip to Novi Sad but frankly I just didn’t feel like touring another old city after visiting so many over the last few weeks.

So, today, I hung out here at the hostel.   Aside from going out to eat a couple of times, there’s really nothing else to report.

Don’t misconstrue this – I’m not down or depressed or anything.   I just didn’t feel like doing anything cause, after all, every day can’t (and shouldn’t) be go, go, go.

Tomorrow I fly to Montenegro in the morning and the forecast is rain – bleh.   At least I’m prepared for it this time.   So, looks like no beaches while I’m there.   I’ll probably just spend some quality time hanging out with people at the hostel.

Should be fun.

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