As much fun as it was to constantly think of new places to go to and new ways to get there and then changing the itinerary over and over again, it was quite a sense of accomplishment (and relief) to have THE FINAL ITINERARY!

Of course, having said that, I know it will change as I go on my travels.   I’ve pretty much planned to spend 6 days in each city and then do day trips to each surrounding area – but I’m a realist.   I know I’m going to want to spend more time in some cities and less in others.   I know I’m going to meet people along the way who are going one way while I’m going the other but their way sounds more fun.   I know things will come up, trains will be missed, detours will be taken.

In fact, I’m counting on it!

This trip isn’t about getting from Point A to Point B.   Yes, there are alot of places I want to go to and alot of things I want to see but this trip is about being out there, making friends and experiencing life!

When I was picking out a route, in the back of my mind I was always thinking “well, I can always cut this section out and go this way instead”.  So, yes, the itinerary is set – I know where I’m going to be and when I’m going to be there BUT by the end, I’m expecting (and hoping) it to be different from what I’ve set out here…

LEG 1 (Portugal, Spain, Morocco)

  • Lisbon
  • Madrid
  • Marrakesh
  • Granada
  • Seville
  • Barcelona

LEG 2 (Italy)

  • Rome
  • Naples
  • Florence
  • Venice

LEG 3 (Balkins – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey)

  • Ljubljana
  • Lake Bled
  • Zadar
  • Split
  • Brac
  • Hvar
  • Korcula
  • Dubrovnik
  • Sarajevo
  • Belgrade
  • Timisoara
  • Sibiu
  • Brasov
  • Varna
  • Istanbul

LEG 4 (British Isles – UK, Scotland, Ireland)

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Belfast
  • Dublin

LEG 5 (Eastern Europe – Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic)

  • Kiev
  • Tallinn
  • Riga
  • Vilnius
  • Warsaw
  • Krakow
  • Budapest
  • Vienna
  • Prague

LEG 6 (The Home Stretch – Germany, Netherlands, France, Russia, Iceland)

  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • Moscow Reykjavik    (see: Argh! Russia!)
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