When I was deciding on what flights and which airlines to take as I was planning this trip I did alot of searching – trying to see other people’s reviews so I could come to a somewhat informed decision.

When I looked up Air Transat I saw a bunch of bad reviews – mediocore service, cramped seating – that kind of thing.

Then I saw the reviews for their Club Class seating.   This seating is their version of first class and the reviews were all glowing.   It was quite a contrast in reviews so I looked into club class.

My one way ticket from Vancouver to London was $530 but upgrading to Club Class was only $200 more.

So I splurged.   I figured it was my first flight and it was also long.   I wanted to experience the good life.

Oh. My. God.   What a great decision!

The Club Class seating are the first 3 rows of the plane and only 21 seats total.   We had our own dedicated washroom and two flight attendants while the rest of the cattle in the back had to fight over 4 washrooms and 4 flight attendants.

In addition, my seat was in row 1 right behind the flight attendants’ work station so if I needed anything all I had to do was smile.

As for the food and drinks – well, there was complimentary champagne as we boarded and an open bar throughout the flight and the food they served was so plentiful and amazing that I actually found myself taking my time to savor it and of course take pictures…


About an hour before dinner, they handed out these mini tarts including a meat pie and a goat cheese/berry tart


Before dinner, they started us off with an amazing goat cheese/tomato salad with bread and key lime cheesecake


My choice for dinner – teriyaki beef tenderloin


After dinner drink – Baileys on ice


Continental breakfast in the morning

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