I don’t get many things in the mail.

In fact, the only mail I get are bills.   This has had kind of a Pavlov effect on me.   Mail = Bad.

And then I discovered online shopping!

In the last month, I’ve bought 2 pairs of shoes, a digital camera, memory cards for said camera (not at the same time of course – too easy), and a netbook.

Each time, whichever company I bought from would send me an email which had a tracking number on it.

So, I’d open up the website for UPS or Canada Post and watch the progress of my package update, refreshing the page every few hours.   The sense of excitement I would get as the progress would change from Item picked up to Item out for delivery was amazing.


Of course, once the progress got to that point, you knew it was only a matter of hours (or minutes) till someone was buzzing your door with package in hand!

Good things really do come in small packages.

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