I have a great mom.   I know everyone says that but I really do.

From the time I was very young it was just her, my brother and me.   For her to raise the two of us on her own is something special.   Even if she couldn’t afford everything we wanted as kids, it seemed like we never had to do without.

Both my brother and I were raised in a loving environment with good core values.   We are polite.   We are courteous.   We are good, kindhearted people.

And that’s because of her.

She raised us right in an age when so many parents neglect their kids, we were not.   Even as a single parent, doing a long commute into downtown Vancouver every day, she had time for us.

So, on this Mother’s Day I’m thinking about you.   I’m sorry I’m over here and you’re over there but please know that I love you and miss you and I will see you again before you know it.


Euro Trip 2013, Trip Journal
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