For those who know me personally probably think this blog entry is about my weight loss over the last few months (I lost 35lbs going from 185lbs to 150lbs) – but it’s not.

It’s about the old backpacking adage “Put everything you think you need in your pack and then take half out”.

I did my test pack a week or so ago and thought I was done and had it all figured out.   As I looked at everything in my pack this morning I started to question if I really, REALLY needed everything in there.   Of course it didn’t help that I had spent the night before reading other travel blogs and their packing advice.

It’s funny – as I’ve gotten closer to my departure date and I have everything bought and ready for the trip, I’ve started to question everything and second guess myself at every turn.   It’s probably due to my perfectionist side – a side that I feel has been holding back my creativity and inducing my procrastination when it comes to launching different business ideas I’ve had.   It’s a side I desperately want to purge and am hoping that ends up being one of the many byproducts of my trip.

Anyway, back to looking at my pack – this is what I took out:

• Flat cap
I was bringing a touque already for the cold nights at the beginning of my trip and truth is, in real life, I very rarely wear a hat

• 1 of my fleece hoodies
I had two plus a trek thermal jacket and figured that was enough

• 2 long sleeve dress shirts
They were pretty wrinkly after sitting folded in the pack for a few days and I figure I’ve got a jacket or hoodie if I need another layer at night

• 1 pair of pants
This was an inner debate but in the end I just couldn’t see myself realistically rotating three pairs of pants so I decided my brown jeans and white sweat pants were enough

• 1 belt
Honestly, there was no way I was ever going to wear it – can’t believe I even bought it

• 1 pair of shorts
I still have my kakhi shorts and my swim trunks which can double as shorts

• Water bottle
Seemed like a reasonable purchase at the time but I just know I won’t end up using it – too easy to just buy bottled water on the go

• Both of my compression sacks
After taking all of the above out they just weren’t necessary anymore

And now I am done – DONE – no more shopping, no more second guessing.   What I have is what I’m taking and that’s it!

Only two weeks to go!

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