Getting the right pair of shoes for the trip was essential for me.

I decided I would get 2 pairs of shoes.

The first pair was for going to the beach and for wearing in the (notoriously flooded) hostel bathrooms.   For the longest time I couldn’t decide on flip flops or sandals.   Frankly, I don’t look great in either and I suppose that’s why I couldn’t decide.

One afternoon, after visiting my mom in Langley, I saw that they had an Atmosphere location in town.   I needed to get a rain cover for my backpack so I stopped in to get one.   As I headed to the checkout with said rain cover, I noticed the big wall of shoes to the left and then I saw them – the Saucony Hattori…


Saucony Hattori

Of course they didn’t have my size (of course!) so I left without them but I knew, I KNEW, that these were the shoes and come hell or high water I was gonna get them!

After stopping at Metrotown mall and checking every shoe store under the sun, I returned home empty handed.   I was not beat though because, you know what?   The internet is your friend!

After a couple fruitless searches for local stores carrying the shoes, I found the shoe in my size on Amazon.   A few clicks here and there and they we’re on their way – another package in the mail!

The second pair of shoes were going to be my everyday¬†shoes.   They needed to be durable, confortable and be part running shoe, part dress shoe.   I ended up going with a shoe from a company I had never heard of but was highly recommended for a travel shoe by several people.   The company was Kuru and they only ship online.   Click, click, click and they, too, were on their way…


Kuru Cirque

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