It all started on July 5/2012.

Sitting at my computer after a frustrating shift serving at the Keg, I opened up facebook and typed the following status: Todd is contemplating a major life change.

At the time, all I was contemplating was picking up and moving somewhere else – the world (or more specifically, Canada) was my oyster.   I knew I wanted to stay with the Keg – so I started by looking at different Keg locations in Canada.

St Johns?   Maybe.   Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton?   I looked and looked and decided Calgary was it.   I was going to move to Calgary!   Yup, come September – I was moving!

Then I had a thought…

Well, hell, since I’m moving and won’t have a job or have any bills to pay – maybe I should just put my stuff in storage, go travelling and then move.

I had long dreamed of travelling to Europe.   I went to¬†Australia years ago but I was broke when I went and came back being deep in debt.   But now I was out of debt and had a good chunk of change in the bank.   Maybe this was the time. I could do this.   I COULD REALLY DO THIS!

And then on July 24th, I posted on facebook and it was official… I was going to Europe!

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