So, today’s my birthday and that means it’s time for the (semi-regular) annual booking of the flights for my upcoming trip.

My original plan to just go to Central America involved only one flight to book ahead of my trip which was a flight into Mexico.

I actually booked that flight a month ago on Black Friday cause, well, cheap flight yo!

I did hem and haw whether I should just wait for my birthday to book it cause of my (semi-regular) tradition but it was $50 cheaper and I thought a better birthday present for me was 50 bucks in my pocket.

Of course, now that I’ve decided to morph my trip into a trip to Europe instead, I now have plenty of flights to book.

So, me being me, I waited as the clock ticked down to midnight last night and at exactly 12:01 I hit the internet.

In all, I booked 7 flights last night.

Where I’m going

I’ve given myself two weeks in Mexico to explore Mexico City, Oaxaca and San Cristóbal de las Casas before I fly to Cuba on Valentines day.

After another two weeks in Cuba I head over to Europe where I’ll visit Oslo, Norway for the afternoon before flying out to London in the late evening.

From there, it’s two weeks in England and then a ferry to Ireland on, wait for it…

March 17th!

Yup, I’ll be in Dublin for St Paddy’s day!

Two weeks in Ireland leads into another two weeks in Scotland before I fly out on the last flight I booked to Romania.

From Romania I’ll travel overland to Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

While I’m there I’ll figure out a cheap way to get up to Paris and depending on time I’ll either fly home or explore other countries in the area like Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

The tickets
Jan 31
Vancouver to Mexico  
(Air Canada $272)
Feb 13
Tuxtla to Cancun  
(Volaris $56)
Feb 14
Cancun to Havana  
(Interjet $97)
Mar 2
Havana to New York  
(Jet Blue $177)
Mar 2
New York to Oslo  
(Norwegian $337)
Mar 3
Oslo to London  
(Ryanair $47)
Apr 11
Edinburgh to London  
(Ryanair $70)
Apr 11
London to Timișoara  
(Ryanair $78)

In total, all 8 tickets cost me $1134CDN which is about $850US (damn, the Canadian dollar has tanked the last few years, eh?)

Considering the distance I’m flying I think that’s a pretty good price.

Anyway, they’ve been booked and they’re non-refundable so no turning back now – Euro Trip 2017, here I come…

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