People have been wondering what went on with my trip to Cuba and why I cut it short after only 2 days.

Well, there were several reasons not the least of which was my lack of planning for the country and being lost as to what to do.

But, the other issue was my need to get somewhere where I could eat real hearty meals and drink the water freely.

Yup, I had succumbed to Moctezuma’s Revenge, which is a polite way of saying I have travelers’ diarrhea.

Now, I hadn’t really mentioned it, cause, hey, who wants to hear about that kind of stuff, but, now, a week later, it’s definitely affected my trip and I can’t ignore that fact any longer.

Not only did I switch up my planned time in Cuba but my time here in Kiev has been pretty much relegated to two rooms – my dorm room and the bathroom.

Each day I wake up thinking, “okay, today’s the day I’m back to normal – surely it must be today” only to quickly find out that isn’t the case.

So, here we are 6 days in and still feeling the affects of Mexico.

Rather than simply waiting for my body to get better on its’ own I decided to read up a little on what I’m going through and see if there were some things I could do about it.

I headed over to the drug store down the street and using a laughable set of sign language motions (rubbing of belly and waving of hand behind my butt), I was able to communicate with the lady there exactly what I needed.

She gave me some Imodiun (Ukrainian version, of course) and I was on my way shaking my head at how ridiculous that conversation was.

Next I popped over to the supermarket and picked up a couple of 1L jugs of juices to replenish my fluids so as to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Because my sleeping has been so erratic the last few days with the jetlag, snorers and getting up to use the bathroom every couple of hours, I crashed in bed at 2pm.

When I awoke a few hours later I decided to bite the bullet and change my room to a private room with an ensuite bathroom.

The dorm room I was in was $11 a night whereas the private room was $44 but I honestly just wanted to have an area all to myself where I could come and go as I pleased and sleep when I wanted.

So, I packed up all my stuff and moved one flight up to my new room complete with a double bed and my very own bathroom.

My goal for tomorrow, my last full day in Kiev, is to just stay in all day and start planning my week in Paris which is just around the corner.

Anyway, that’s my sh*tty blog for today.   Hopefully tomorrow isn’t as sh*tty…

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