Today I booked a day trip to go to the coastal city of Whitby and to visit the moorlands.

I booked with Mountain Goat tours who I’m going to give high marks to for one simple reason.

They didn’t cancel my tour!

You see, I was the only person to book the tour today and I had the entire 16 seat van to myself along with my own personal guide and driver.

Unlike a couple of days ago when my tour company in Bath cancelled my trip with only a couple days notice, Mountain Goat tours still went ahead with the tour even though they obviously would be taking a loss on the day as my paltry tour ticket wouldn’t even cover my driver’s wages for the day.

So, big kudos to them and just for that they get a link on my page.   If you haven’t noticed I tend to supply links for good experiences while leaving bad ones alone.

Anyway, the tour today took me to Robin Hood’s bay, Whitby, Pickering and Helmsely.

The weather was good again and I’ve gotta say I’m getting pretty lucky when it comes to that.

Here’s a few of the 90 photos from the day…

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a pretty simple day.   I’ve only got a free walking tour around the city of York planned so we’ll see what happens.

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