I did something stupid today…

I came to Liverpool on a Friday night.

And that Friday night was St Patrick’s Day.

Now, for those who know me, I’m not really a partier.   I prefer a nice meal and a quiet night over going to a bar and getting piss drunk.

After having a nice quiet few days in Newcastle I went to a crazy party town on a crazy party night.

I’m only in Liverpool for this one night as I had heard that there wasn’t much to the city and not worth more than one day to explore.

I arrived off the train at 2pm to a cold and grey city on the verge of rain.

I quickly raced to my hostel 20 minutes away, checked in, dropped my bag off, and then quickly raced back to where my 3pm Beatles walking tour was starting from.

The tour was the only thing I had planned for the city and I thought it would be a good way to learn about Liverpool and it’s most famous export – the Beatles.

I showed up for my tour to find out I was the only one who had signed up.   Yup, a cold rainy day couple with the fact that it was St Patricks day killed the turnout.

I ended up going on a free walking tour around the city leaving at the same time but it just wasn’t what I was looking forward to.

There was only a brief mention of the Beatles and the rest I kind of glazed over cause, honestly, Liverpool ain’t that interesting.

After the tour I headed back to my hostel to find my room empty save for one guy snoring away.

People had checked in and had already gone out to party and apparently this snoring guy was just getting a quick nap in before heading out to party as well.

So, yeah, I went from being in a room all to myself last night in Newcastle to one with a bunch of guys in town to party.

A little later I headed out to get dinner.

Now, normally, I’ve been checking out different pubs to get some English food but there was no way I was going near any pubs tonight.

The streets were crazy full of people in party mode and every pub and bar I passed was jam full of people.

Not my scene.   Not at all.

I decided to get out of the craziness and found solace in an classy Italian restaurant.

Yup, I treated myself to a nice three course meal complete with a glass of Prosecco.

My treat.   My oasis away from the crazy outside on the streets and in my hostel.

As I went to sleep at midnight in a still empty room, I prepared myself for the inevitability of being woken up by drunk guys a few hours later.

And that was my St Paddy’s Day.

Party on!   Not!

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