Time to trade the big city for a small town.

I left Dublin this morning in the pouring rain and arrived in Galway this afternoon to a bright sunny sky.

I’ve actually been really fortunate dodging the rain here in the UK and Ireland considering their reputation for rainy weather.

Naturally the rain waited until I had my big backpack with me and no shelter while waiting for the bus.

So, I stood there with my backpacks under a flimsy umbrella hunkered in a corner against a wall waiting for the bus this morning.

Anyway, that’s all in the past because it nice and sunny here in Galway.

The town itself isn’t that big and most people visiting here go out on a handful of different day trips outside of the city.

I will be one of those as I’ll be doing three different day trips over the next three days while I’m here.

Today though was really just a do nothing day.

I walked around town for a bit and got a late lunch and then headed out for a late dinner around 9pm.

I should have known better with my previous experiences with small towns that pretty much everything closes up early.

I walked for awhile in vain looking for something legit to eat but sadly ended up going into Mickey D’s for a dinner of a burger, fries and nuggets.

Lesson learned.   Next time I go for dinner at 7:00

So, yeah, that was the day today.   Not much happened but I’m here in a small town with great weather on the horizon so life is looking up!

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