Another hostel.   Another interesting night’s sleep.

Two American girls checked in around 8pm and headed straight out.   They didn’t get back til 3am and in the process woke everyone else up in the room.

“Sara, sara, set your alarm for 9:00.   Did you set the alarm?   Sara?”

Yeah, that’s what we woke up to.

I swear some people just don’t have any kind of common decency or respect for their fellow man (or woman).

Oh well, hostel life.

This morning as I ate breakfast Rachel, the German girl I met yesterday, and I recapped the night’s follies and laughed and groaned about it.

Well, anyway, it brought the two of us closer so thanks, I guess.

As for today, I had booked another day tour bus trip.

Normally, I’m very against going on tour buses and I really try to do things on my own but here in Ireland and the UK it’s often easier, cheaper and more practical to just go on a tour bus.

Problem is sometimes you end up on a dud tour and you’re kinda trapped for the day.

It’s how a felt a few days ago on my tour of Conamarra and it was how I felt again today as I took a tour of the Ring of Kerry.

I mean, the weather was again ideal so we had that going for us but the tour itself was mostly just being on a bus travelling from place to place.

In a six hour tour we spent maybe a total of an hour and a half outside the bus and half of that time was a stop for lunch.

We would travel on the bus, go to a spot, get out for five minutes and take photos and then board the bus again to the next spot.

Don’t get me wrong, we again saw some amazing Irish beauty but it would have been much better renting a car and doing it on my own or with a couple of people.

Anyway, the tour ended around 6pm and I hobbled back to the hostel on my bum leg.

I did buy some extra strength pain killers with codeine so hopefully that’ll make the pain less but, man, it really does suck travelling on a injured leg.

Once back at the hostel I just kinda spent the night in chatting with Rachel.   Later on in the night around 9pm we headed out because I was hungry and Rachel wanted to try her first Guinness.

We stopped in a burger/hot dog/chicken/kebab place because I was craving a kebab.

There’s a lesson to be learned here – don’t go to a “we’ve got everything on the menu” place to get a kebab.

My chicken kebab ended up basically being a chicken burger sandwich in pita bread as the chicken they used was a deep fried breaded chicken patty.

Yeah, not the best meal I’ve had.

We headed next door to a bar with Irish music to grab a drink.   Rachel had her Guinness and I had a Jamesons on the rocks.

Yeah, me having a whiskey.   Must be the country but more likely the company.

We chatted some more and by 11pm we were back in our dorm and another day was done.

So, while it wasn’t the greatest daytime it turned out to be a pretty good night so all in all I’ll chalk it up to a good day.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to head on another day bus tour to the Dingle peninsula but I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll go or not as I’m really not looking forward to spending another day on a tour bus and it’s supposed to rain as well.

Guess we’ll see how I feel when I get up…

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