It’s a travel day again!

This time, though, I’m heading over to Scotland.   Scotland has always been one of those magical places in the world I’ve wanted to visit so I’m happy it’s the last stop on this trip.

I woke up this morning to a free breakfast and not just that typical lame “continental” breakfast, but a full, real, Irish breakfast.

Part of the perk of staying in a B&B.

At 11am I was on my way to the airport thanks to a 25 euro ($32) cab ride (thanks bus strike!).

I always give myself two hours to checkin and I always seem to zoom through checkin and security leaving me way too much time waiting in the airport.

My flight was actually delayed a half hour and didn’t leave until an hour after it’s original time.

It was ominous boarding a small 80 seat twin propeller plane on a fog covered runway.

Well, I crossed my fingers and boarded anyway.   Scotland awaited!

The flight took me to Glasgow where I caught a bus to Edinburgh an hour away.

By 8pm I was checked in to my new hostel in Edinburgh and even had a chocolate on my pillow waiting for me.

Anyway, I’m only at this hostel for 12 hours as I’m heading out tomorrow morning for a 3 day tour of the Isle of Skye.

Adventure awaits…

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