Oh my, what a day.

If ever there was a “man, I wish this trip was over and I was back home” day, this was it.

After enduring another night of a snoring man in my room and only getting a few hours sleep, I moved hostels today.

The hostel I was staying at only had a 12 bed dorm tonight and I really didn’t want to deal with 11 other people in my room.

The hostel I moved to was in the “old town” which is just across the bridge where I was staying in the “new town”.

What I didn’t take into account was that the “old town” was party central and the hostel I was checking into was a factory-like hostel with dozens, if not hundreds, of people staying there.

I actually was so tired and my leg was so sore that I didn’t do anything today aside from going out to get food.

Oh, what an adventurous day!

My biggest joy of the day was when I opened up my email to find a schedule from the Keg for next week with my name back on it.

Happy days ahead!   I’ll be back home in a week!

As for tonight, well, I didn’t get more than a couple hours sleep as, even though I was on the 5th floor of the hostel, the noise coming from street level carried all the way up.

It was three in the morning and people were still shouting and partying down below.

And, of course, the guy next to me was snoring like a buzzsaw.

So, yeah, two nights and only a few hours sleep each night.

Oh, happy days!

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