It’s travel day!

I’ll soon have a blog about my last few hectic days leading up to today which included a lot of packing, cleaning and moving but also alot of hugs and well wishes.

In the meantime though, I just wanted to quickly introduce my new travel companion to everyone – Guido.

For my regular readers you’ll remember that during my Asia Trip 2014 I found a cute little stuffed animal, whom I dubbed Herbie, in a shop in the Philippines at the start of my trip.

Herbie lived in my backpack and was very photogenic always peaking his head out for photos everywhere I went.

Sadly, Herbie was stolen from me just one day back from my trip and was never heard from again.

So began the Great Greenie Search…

Over the last couple of years my mom has found and bought well over 100 green stuffed animals at different thrift shops and garage sales.

None were Herbie but, man, did I end up with a collection of greenies…

After realizing that Herbie was most likely gone and lost forever I took one last shot at looking for him online when I came upon a toy store website from China.

And there he was!   Well, almost…

He and his cousins were available for sale.   His cousins are blue, brown, pink and orange and you were only allowed to buy a “grab bag” of a couple random colors.

So, I rolled the dice and a couple weeks later my random grab bag came in the mail.

No green.   No Herbie.


His cousins arrived – one blue and one orange.

The orange one has been locked away because, well, orange isn’t that popular of a color right now thanks to a certain commander in chief.

But blue, well, blue is all the rage!

And that is how Guido came to be.

Guido, like Herbie before him, will be travelling in my backpack for the next few months.

Euro Trip 2017 starts today.   Regular daily blogs start tomorrow.   See you then!

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