Well, my persistent cold and lack of sleep due to my nagging cough finally caught up with me.

After a very ambitious (and long) day yesterday I took it easy today.   And when I say easy – I mean easy!

It was a second consecutive night of restless sleep where I woke up every couple of hours because of my cough.   I think I only got about 4 hours sleep and unlike my sleepless night in Seattle the night before I was actually feeling bad for my roommates what with me coughing and getting in and out of my top bunk.   You see, Dorianne is in the bottom bunk and since she’s the driver for the trip, it’s in my best interest not to piss her off as she might just decide to leave me on the side of the road somewhere.

Anyway, around 4am I just decided I would stay up so I left the room and sat in the hallway uploading photos and typing up last nights’ blog.

At 8am I headed across the street to Prikid (the oldest restaurant in Iceland) for a breakfast of egg, sausage, bacon, toast and baked beans.   After breakfast I went down the street to pick up Iceland’s version of Nyquil.   Of course I had to get the girl at the front desk of the hostel to read the instructions for me but other than that, it works like a charm.

By 11am Dorianne was up and ready for the day while I was ready to crash so we made plans to meet up later to go to a symphony here in town and she went out and I went back to bed.

Before I knew it, it was almost 6pm and I was rising from the dead.   I still had a bit of a cough but felt alot better with the sleep.

I quickly got ready and went out for a quick dinner before meeting up with Dorianne.   Tonight I stopped at Fish and more restaurant and had an amazing dish of fresh baked cod with an assortment of colorful veggies and rice.

At 7pm we met up and walked down to Harpa, the beautifully designed concert hall in downtown Reykjavik to watch the Iceland Symphony Orchestra tonight featuring three Chinese musicians.   Other than my time watching a small classical orchestra in Venice earlier this year, this was the first time I had ever been to the symphony and now I feel completely cultured!

A couple of hours later we headed back to the hostel and hung out in the common room for awhile before calling it a night.

One more day in Reykjavik before heading north west on Saturday morning…

Icy Trip 2013, Trip Journal

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