Well after I went and bought my cheap Greyhound bus tickets yesterday, turns out I’m going to be throwing one of them away.

I’ve decided to take an afternoon bus into Seattle the day before and spend Monday night in a hostel in Seattle before heading out to the airport the next afternoon instead.

The reasoning is very simple – I don’t want to arrive in Reykjavik dead tired!

My original plan would have seen me wake up at 4am and spend 19 hours in transit arriving in Iceland at 11pm Vancouver time.

By spending the night in Seattle I’ll be able to casually wake up at 11am and head to the airport spending only 12 hours in transit but, most importantly, arriving fresh in Iceland to tackle our first day there.

After all, we’re not just landing, checking in to our hostel and going to sleep – far from it.

We’ll be arriving around 7am Reykjavik time and plan to tour the Golden Circle for a few hours before heading to our hostel in the afternoon.

Originally that would have meant I’d be up for 26 hours, now it’ll only be 19 hours.

5 days to go…

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